Training Methodology

Based on the tradition in which John Palladino was raised as a soccer player, the training methodology of Palladino Academy of Soccer is centered on a close relationship with the Ball. The single most important ability a player needs is control of the ball itself. Students will first gain a mastery of the ball in the key areas of the game; Passing, Receiving, and Dribbling. Every Training session will begin with a focus on all of these areas.

John has developed upon his upbringing by including a focus on tactical awareness for his students, no matter the age. By creating fun, engaging, and instructional games for the students, John is able to instill an innate sense of Decision Making, Problem Solving, Spacial Awareness, Direction, and Responsibility within the game itself.

As the students graduate from each level, they will notice a marked improvement in their skill level, Discipline in training, Understanding of the game in Attack, Defense, and Transition, as well as decision making. And as  they grow in the Academy, they will continue to further their ability in all aspects of the game, eventually growing from small sided to full fielded knowledge and ability.

We Pride ourselves on creating a Fun, Engaging, Motivating atmosphere in which your children can grow, mature, and learn the great lessons of the Beautiful Game.

Your child’s safety is a top priority for our staff. Please visit this link for the New York State Department of Health’s Concussion protocols.

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