Month: November 2016

?⚽️ P.A.S. PARTY Dec. 3rd ⚽️?

Palladino Academy of Soccer will be hosting a Party Saturday, December 3rd @    Raven’s Head Public House 12:00-3:00pm.            3804 Broadway, Astoria, NY.                        We will watch Arsenal vs. West Ham. There will be raffled prizes, food and fun for all!

Buffet $28 per adult and $15 per child (includes tax and tip) Under 5 is free.

BUFFET MENU:   Caesar Salad, Chicken Parmesan, Penne A La Vodka, Mashed Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables, 2 Platters Each of chicken tenders, pizza, fries.

All non-alcoholic beverages are free.

Available to all age players.

URGENT! P.A.S. undermined by RIOC

Parents, We are very sorry about the mixup today. THIS IS ENTIRELY RIOC’S Fault. They had us scheduled at 430 today, but would not give us lights. So we tried to play earlier, however RIOC has given all of our fields on Roosevelt Island to ZOG sports.

In order to avoid this in the future, We would ask that EVERY PARENT WRITE A LETTER TO RIOC. Please explain to them that your kids love playing with P.A.S. but that we are not treated fairly. Please explain to them how what they did to us today dissppointed your children. Request that they make our club, and our community a priority. It is our belief that ROOSEVELT ISLAND CHILDREN should come first. Island based programs for children should get PRIORITY over Adult programs like ZOG. We are trying to provide our children with the opportunity to compete and succeed, but are denied the ability because of the way RIOC prioritizes off-island programs.

I cannot explain how much I have had to go through with RIOC over the years. We have been targeted by certain powers that be for discriminatory negligence regarding Field Permitting. Between ZOG and the RIYP, all of our opportunities to play here on the island are taken away, It is even admitted that the person running RIYP has booked the soccer field SOLELY SO THAT P.A.S. CANNOT SUCCEED. People working with them have told myself and others that this is in fact true. We should not get priority over RIYP, but RIYP should share the field with us. Please, request that we are treated fairly, for our children.

If we want to have our competitive club on this Island we need to come together in force, and demand that they treat us fairly.

I am beyond upset about what transpired today, and we need to act fast and with strength.

Please send all emails to SUSAN ROSENTHAL;

My sincerest apologies, I want nothing but the best for all of the kids


John Palladino

Chelsea Piers Indoor Competitive League

Chelsea Piers Indoor Winter League

Last winter P.A.S. played in the Chelsea Piers Indoor Winter League. Players and parents had a great experience! We look forward to participating again! Please respond confirming your child ASAP (no later than November 14th) to be a part of our competitive teams for the Chelsea Piers Indoor Winter League.

Cost $300.00 per player

Due in full no later than November 21st

Games start December 4th and go through March 12th. There will be 10 regular games play playoffs.

Games are played on Sundays at Chelsea Piers

No scholarships can be granted for travel or competitive leagues. No sibling discounts for travel or competitive leagues.

Players with outstanding balances from fall will not be allowed to register until payments are made in full.