Month: July 2016

PAS Barca Brings Back Bronze!!

PAS Barca played in the Brother’s League in Queens today putting a dominant 5-0 performance together against last year’s champions Ecua-America to bring home the 3rd place trophy.  The game saw PAS Keeper Ali score the league’s first goal-to-goal shot with a huge kick from his own box. Outstanding defense from Amir, Unai and Mack shutdown the opposition while Abdel, Muad, Ash and Momar pounded the opposing goalie with shots.

The win came after a ferocious battle in the semi-final game losing a hotly contested match to the eventual champions, Corazon de Jesus PSG with a score of 3-1.  Corazon de Jesus PSG then went on to a dominate in the championship against the Brother’s League club 3-0.

The team celebrated with a pizza party and a run through the park fountains. Coach Palladino will be displaying the trophy and will have additional medals for those players who were out of town.  Congratulations to the team and the club on a great performance and exceptional sportsmanship.

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Futsal Championship Sunday

original-logoHello Everyone-PAS Barcelona will be playing in the Brother’s League Championships tomorrow (Sunday, 7/10) at 11:50AM.  If the team wins, they will play in the finals at 2:30 PM.  The consolation game for 3rd place will be played at at 1:15 PM.  Please come out and support the team!!!

PAS Barca players please report to the futsal court at PS 76, William Hallet at 11:15 AM for warm-ups.   See you tomorrow!

Futsal Championships Update!

Futsal Championships will now be played next Sunday, July 10th. Too many players from all teams in the league were going to be gone for the 4th of July weekend to play any games tomorrow.
As soon as we get times I will post them.
Have a great 4th of July!